Mountain Dialog


"Oh, look, Bill", coos Claire, "This road has plenty more climbing! We shan't run out of mountain until well past tea time!"

"What?! This isn't the top?"

"I believe we can ride all the way up to that glacier in the distance. Won't that be exciting?"

"Glacier? The cafe we passed a few miles ago must have ice. Let's go there."

"Climbing is such fun, don't you think? Especially in this beautiful, clean mountain air."

"I think the cafe is non smoking."

"No, no, no. The mountain beckons."

"Well, at least let me get a picture. This is very complicated camera: F stops, shutter speeds, and all that. It may take a few minutes."

"It's a point and shoot. You just push the button."

"Um, yes. But you have to push the button just the right way."

"You push it down."

"Oh, right. There we go. Now we wait for it to develop and ..."

"It's a digital. Put it a way and off we go."

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