The current stable consists of:

  1. Look 595.  With 2007 DA
  2. Steelman Signature.  With 2004 Dura-Ace--very sweet.
  3. Ritchey Swiss Cross.
  4. My Mountain bike is a VooDoo Bizango.  Joe Murray's 1997 model.
  5. Ritchey Road bike.  This is one that Tom actually made himself back in 1986.  It's a bit of an antique and collector's item, so it's retired.


bulletCat's Hill around 1977
bulletCat's Hill around 1989
bulletSurf City #2 2005
bulletToC 2006 Stage 2 Top of Sierra Road
bulletCat's Hill 2006


bulletOCRC Alps 2008
bulletNormandy 2007
bulletOCRC Alps 2007
bulletTurkey Ride 2005
bulletI hope the Jobst Diaries never go off line, because they are some of the funniest and most interesting ride stories around.
bulletMt. Umunhum HillClimb.  It's easy except for the last 4.25 miles!
bulletTurkey Ride 2003.  Map of the ride, the Crowd, and Our Group from the top.  It was a good ride with great weather.  But when the guy started to play the bagpipes, we decided it was time to leave.
bulletFremont Older


bulletOCRC Alps Photos
bulletSteelman Bicycles
bulletAlto Velo Bike Club  Bay Area racing club.
bulletRitchey Logic
bulletWillow Glen Bicycles
bulletTOPO! and a Garmin eTrex are a lot of fun and interesting for your mountain biking.  The eTrex gives you most of the functions of a cyclometer (except cadence) plus can track your route for downloading into Topo.  For an example map, see the Grant Ranch Ride (big GIF) my friend and I did.